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// von Kloska Ovidiu

// Artikelbeschreibung

from the series " Kafkian eternity with flowers at 7 pm "
Eternity signed 8 May 2020
acrylic painting on stretched canvas / edges are painted dark / professionally varnish
painting size: 60 x 80 cm
signed and dated at the front and back side

Kafkian eternity with flowers at 7 pm series :

" This series of artworks refers to the metaphysical approach to space populated by a pot with flowers, a near seen like a section of a personal
temporal eternity, where the vegetative elements are transfigured into the metaphysical, transcendent .Thus, at the limit figuration, the immanent of the light became oneiric reflections and transparent, the flower shape became sphere, within which persist the traces of the pass, of the wear, the cyclic. The series title, although apparently suggestive, is not referring to the absurdity and anguish prosaic present in Kafka's universe, but rather its starts from the idea of freezing of the personal physical time, by a simple meditative exercise of pure contemplation of the close realities transformed by the passing of time.
For me, as an artist, the still life is a perfect excuse to create a vibrant game between the idea of the volatility and the perennial of the world
that we perceive around us, and the essence of the human spirit: the conscience.
My "flowers" are subtle expressions of a meta-reality, where the viewer is invited to meditation, to exercise his spirit, to discover that energy, that for sure we all have it inside us, that resonates with the silence of the beginning of beginning. "
Ovidiu Kloska
Certificate of Authenticity:
Every artwork is sent with authenticity certificate that contain details about artwork, my original signature and the name of the collector on it.

// Information zum Anbieter (Künstler(-in)/Galerie)

Constantly fascinated, this dynamism of shape opens up in a unique way, by projecting a way of mind, a mind performance with neurological circuits. This is my “magic eye”. I believe that by uniqueness begins with the very capacity of inventing universe out of things shattered by time, things that have changed into ephemerity. There are hours that I spend staring at the mud, at the wrinkles of the trees, at the rust of walls damaged by time. It is an exercise that everybody should make. It means worming the spirit, getting in touch with the sublime. I am connected to silence and endless time during the short chat between things. Sublime. Esoteric. … And the night… that cold, fascinating light that makes things change their meaning, driven by an inner tremble that is known from a previous moment, fluttering through images.

My visual relates with dreams, unconsciousness, delirium, hallucination, with the change of shape and light, with the spontaneous, illusion, abnormal and normal, bizarre and wear. "I was born in Romania, Neamt district,in a small town in N-E of Romania at 27 of july 1977.In 2000 I graduated the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" from Iasi, Romania, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication. In 2009 I graduated master classes at "George Enescu" Art University from Iasi, Faculty of Fine Arts with the project "Urban wear - oniric interferences - object of art". I Live and create in Focsani, Vrancea district from Romania

Member of Romanian Union of Professional Artists UAP

My visual relates to dreams, unconsciousness, delirium, hallucination, with the change of shape and light, with the spontaneous, illusion, abnormal and normal, bizarre and wear. "

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80cm x 60cm x 2cm

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· Acrylmalerei

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